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Hamofa Injection Moulding,operating in various sectors.Hamofa Injection Moulding produces high-quality plastic injection-moulded products for numerous industries. We have built up substantial expertise over the past decades and have a most extensive track record.

Expert inmany fields

The combination of our in-house injection moulding and die shop and our in-house specialists enables us to produce complex injection-moulded components at highly competitive prices. To meet all predetermined requirements down to the smallest detail, we can design and develop the right processes and moulds from scratch, refining our machines until we obtain the perfect result. Accordingly, we have developed successful production systems for various markets, ranging from electronic equipment to toys and from automotive to pharma.

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As specialists in injection moulding and mould making, we manufacture products in all types of thermoplastics. Thanks to our expertise, quality, service and flexibility, we are able to give our customers peace of mind from A to Z. Together, we develop the ideal solution for every challenge quickly and efficiently.
Well-defined product specifications and legal requirements apply for each sector. They affect factors such as the plastic materials or production techniques to be used. We have all the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to comply with them perfectly.
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How can we helpyour business?

Hamofa Injection Moulding is happy to guide you every step of the way. From devising and creating the concept, to designing and developing a prototype, to manufacturing the mould and plastic injection moulding your project.
Perhaps you have already developed an initial concept to solve a specific problem or face a technical challenge in your field of expertise. Our knowledge and experience enable us to give you excellent advice on potential product improvements.
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