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Hamofa Injection MouldingThe specialistin injection moulding.

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Are you looking for the pre-eminent expert in injection moulding, plastic injection moulded parts and moulds? Hamofa Injection Moulding is your prime injection moulding partner with high-quality services and flexible service.
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The phone number of Hamofa Injection Moulding
+32 11 44 57 10
The e-mail address of Hamofa Injection Moulding

Hamofa Injection Moulding: knowledge, quality and service.

Whatever assignment in the field of injection molding or molds you want perform, Hamofa Injection Molding does a fine job of it.
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Hamofa Injection Molding has a professional infrastructure and a modern machine park with advanced machines, devices and technology. This provides us with the perfect framework for every job in the field of molds production and injection molding according to the highest quality standards.

Sarac SRC


Clamping force: 2,600 KN
Screw diameter: 55 mm
max. Dosage volume: 594 cm³
max. injection pressure: 1,690 bar

Sarac SRC 260/1000S

Engel VC330/80 tech

ENGEL 2K ES 200H80V/50HL-2F

Arburg Allrounder 221K

Arburg Allrounder 320C 400-100

ARBURG Allrounder 270C 400-100