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The right machinesfor your job.Hamofa Injection Moulding boasts a range of advanced machinery. We have appropriate high-tech machines and the necessary technology in-house for every type of injection-moulding and mould-making job.

The optimum spotfor every project.

At Hamofa Injection Moulding, we work from a well-equipped workshop that provides us with all the space we need. With this infrastructure and our up-to-date range of machinery, we have everything we need to fulfil small as well as larger and challenging projects to perfection.

Ourmachine inventory.

Image of the SARAC SRC 260/10005

Sarac SRC


260 Ton injection molding machine with a maximum dosing volume of 594 cm³
Image of the SARAC SRC 260/10005

Sarac SRC 260/1000S

Image of the Engel VC330/80 tech

Engel VC330/80 tech

Image of the Arburg Allrounder 221K

Arburg Allrounder 221K

Image of the Arburg Allrounder 320C 400-100

Arburg Allrounder 320C 400-100